Nestle Milo Drinking Chocolate 30% Less Added Sugar 395g

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MILO 30% Less Added Sugar has been created with no added cane sugar but still has the great choc malt taste and crunch you know and love. It is high in calcium to support bone development, is low GI for slow release, sustained energy and has a combination of 8 vitamins and minerals to support effective energy release in the body. MILO with reduced sugar has been sweetened with natural stevia, is great with breakfast, after school, before or after sport as a snack or as a hot chocolately malt drink after dinner. Simply add 3-heaped teaspoons of MILO to a glass of hot or cold skim milk for a delicious and nourishing choc malt flavoured milk drink with less added sugar. Contains 19 serves of choc malty goodness.Do Good Together. Did you know, our MILO tins are made from 100% recyclable materials. And approximately 80% of the energy powering our MILO factory comes from BIOENERGY, a renewable energy source


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